Large Transparent Red Flower with Black inner layer and Yellow Centre

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For easier shipping purposes I have only the selection for the short stem.

If you would like a taller stem please send me a message and I will send you an add on for your order for the additional height.  

Hand blown glass flowers on copper stem.  Flower heads are made of 2 layers of blown glass solid glass flower centres and siliconed into a copper fitting.  The flower head then goes onto a hollow copper stem.  I also include a 16" metal stake that can be hammered into the ground and the copper stem slides over top.  This helps with stability of the piece.  

Flowers stems can also be put into drilled holes in rocks or wood or into a large vase arrangement.  

Flower heads are available on various heights of stems. 

Prices are according to the height of the stem

Short  Approx 19" high  $75

Medium  Approx 27" high  $80

Tall   Approx 35" high  $85

Extra Tall  Approx  41.5" high  $90

This is just a small selection of what I currently have if you would like to see more options please contact me and I will send you more options.